Editing With Pizza and Salmon

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY NEW ACCOUNT AT patreon.com.   Just type in the URL, then type in “Dean Robertson”   Let me know what you think And before you start reading this blog, ask yourself one serious question: Have you ever seen anything that looks better than that slice of “California Dreaming” pizza from Cogan’s […]

On writing #5: I have turned blogs into essays and chapters of novels into short stories. I have been professionally published and have published independently. I have entered contests. Recently, I’ve been giving some thought to that woman on the waterfall.

I want to write a novel about her. The woman on that waterfall, probably in her fifties when the photograph was taken,  was my father’s mother, and I have a great deal to say about her. Far more than enough to fill the pages of a novel. The only problem, and it is a big […]

“Ordinary Rituals” A Story

What follows is an excerpt from my recently completed novel, I’m Not Going to Heaven. I’m Going to Birmingham: A Story of the South.   The main character, Charlotte Cade Gibson, eleven years old, is based on my favorite aunt who was in her forties when I was born. I wanted to imagine the child […]