I am a 72 year old retired English teacher. My plan for the first few years of my retirement was to catch up on my New Yorkers and sleep. Instead I wrote a book, published by Koehler Books in 2015:

Looking for Lydia; Looking for God

In the same year, I was presented with my first, and almost certainly only, grandson, who is now three and spends most weekends with me. Three is very busy.


Since that first book, published in 2015, I first co-authored a novel with a friend, using the pen name, Patricia Allison.

Memory Is The Seamstress

                  was my introduction to writing fiction.


I then wrote and published independently two novels about the “Lydia” of that first title:

Jessie: The Adventures and Insights of a Nineteenth-Century Woman


Jessie: The Further Adventures. The Virginia Years


I have just completed a fourth that I am submitting to a couple of high-end competitions in which I stand probably the legendary snowball’s chance, but I couldn’t resist.


I’m Not Going to Heaven. I’m Going to Birmingham. 

A Story of the South.


I have been blogging for three years. I write every day.

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