I am a 74 year old retired English teacher. My plan for the first few years of my retirement was to catch up on my New Yorkers and sleep. Instead I wrote a memoir, published by Koehler Books in 2015:

Looking for Lydia; Looking for God

In the same year, I was presented with my first, and almost certainly only, grandson, who is almost five.

Since that first book, published in 2015, I co-authored a novel with a friend, using the pen name, Patricia Allison. The writing of that book would provide enough material for its own book.

Memory Is The Seamstress

                  was my introduction to writing fiction.

I then wrote and published independently two novels about the “Lydia” of that first title:

Jessie: The Adventures and Insights of a Nineteenth-Century Woman


Jessie: The Further Adventures. The Virginia Years

In 2018 and 2019 I completed two family novels, one about my mother and her sisters, the second about my paternal grandparents. The titles, respectively, are:

I’m Not Going to Heaven. I’m Going to Birmingham. 


A Knock at the Door: Of Marriage and Dragons

I have been blogging for five years. I write every day.

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