A Small Backyard

I have been writing, almost non-stop, since sometime early in 2014. I have written one memoir and four historical novels. Between the longer works, I have maintained erratically two websites and one blog and have entered countless essay contests. I have never written, nor have I ever wanted to write books for children. I have, however, written a book for children. It is called “A Small Back Yard in Tidewater Virginia,” and it is a book about feral cats. I suppose I should also mention that, although I am a lifelong cat lover, I haven’t known a thing about ferals nor was I especially interested in finding out. I suppose I should have suspected something when the cover I designed included a star with a very clear #1.

I am now nearly halfway through a first draft of the sequel.

#1 is now for sale on Amazon.

It was kid-tested before publication, so I can recommend it with a clear conscience. All proceeds will be donated to the only feral cat sanctuary in this part of Virginia. Meow Haven is the vision of one woman who owns and operates it. She is entirely dependent on donations of both money and supplies as she provides unbelievably loving care for over a hundred feral cats. They have a permanent home there.

As you can see, I have signed on to do whatever I possibly can to contribute to the wellbeing of these animals who are too wild to be placed in private homes. The most valuable contribution you can make is to write a review on Amazon–good or bad–as they count reviews and, at some magical point, bump your book into the “You might also be interested in” category.

Meanwhile, meet a few of the residents of Meow Haven.

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