What did you do during the pandemic, honey? It’s getting a little long, even for us introverts.

The most important thing to do during a pandemic is–

Since the glorious day my grandmother bought me my very own fat pencils and a pad of that rough paper that shows the wood grain, I have been a list-maker.  I love making lists, and I make lists at every opportunity.  Every day begins with a To-Do list, divided into:

  • Scheduled Appointments–in person, by phone, on Zoom
  • Household Chores
  • Writing Projects

Not only do I love lists, I am nearly over-the-moon
with excitement every time I get to use those bullets.

I am one of those rare creatures who still uses a pencil and paper scheduling calendar, ordered yearly from At-A-Glance, an indulgence I can’t afford and refuse to give up.  For years I used the desk size, then several years ago I chose one that’s about 5×8″–just the right size for a purse.  At about the same time, I stopped carrying a purse.  This is generally how life goes. Now I mostly use that calendar as the source of the appointments that I transfer to my list every day.

And, besides, since I’m not going out much, the issue of a purse has become irrelevant.

Much more important is a list of the possible lists I might make in response to my own question, that is, What to do, oh, What to do, in the Age of Covid-19.  The very second I made this list of my options, I knew I’d be tackling them all.

I couldn’t resist.
I hope you won’t be able to.
You’ll discover, as I have, the amazing facts about what you’re doing, what you’re not doing (and why) and all the unexpected areas where you’ve found yourself productive for the first time ever.

#1 Things I Have Been Doing

#2 Things I’d Like or Plan to Do 

#3 Things I Would Never Do Under Any Circumstances OR Things I’d Rather Die Than Do

#4 Things I’ve Been Doing but Didn’t Include in List #1 Because I’m Too Embarrassed

I mean, what else would I be doing? The Rose Gold Sequined Mask that I ordered hasn’t arrived, so I can’t  go out partying.

Things I Have Been Doing

  • Clearing out and reorganizing various trunks, boxes, and files
  • Writing: blogs (not often enough); a novel that needs reworking; a children’s book about feral cats
  • Designing note cards and giving them as gifts
  • Writing notes to people
  • Talking on the phone and meeting with women I sponsor in a 12-Step program
  • Starting and attending Zoom meetings
  • Starting a Zoom story time for my grandson

I found making this list remarkably difficult.
When I asked myself, “What the heck do I do all day, every day?,” my mind went blank.  

Things I’d like to do or plan to do

  • Take definite action to get my health back, like walking
  • Make one more attempt at writing a mystery novel
  • Clear out the Photos Library on my MacBook Pro. I purge these periodically but then take more photos
  • Clear out and reorganize all my Word documents. This could be a huge job

Things I would never do OR would rather die than do

  • Watch television
  • Watch television
  • Watch television

There surely must be something else I’d rather die than do while I’m confined to quarters.  Nothing comes to mind except

  • Eat worm sandwiches

Things I’ve been doing but didn’t include on List #1

  • Eating about four boxes of Fruit Only Popsicles per week
  • Eating way more sweets than usual
  • Staying in bed a lot during the day
  • Turning off my phone, locking my doors, and hiding
  • Taking a shower every other day instead of every day
  • Cutting my hair really short with the kitchen scissors

The brand of popsicles I’ve discovered is OUTSHINE.
My favorite flavors are mango, peach, and lemon.
Calories per popsicle: 40-60.




  1. I want to play!
    List #1 Organizing my organizing containers. I can’t decide whether to sort by color or size.
    List #2 See Paris begore I die, and Philadelphia won’t do, I’ve been there.
    List #3 Listen to politicians.
    List #4 I’m not telling, but I might consider a monetary inducement from the highest bidder.


  2. And this one , I missed it too. Oh I wish I could beam myself to your living room so we could talk and read and write and talk and read and eat and talk.


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