My Selfies Never Arrived Because

  1. My old cat, Isaac Robertson, is struggling with health problems that aren’t getting better. In fact, they are getting worse every day and I am on constant watch and fighting off the panic attack that comes if I allow my mind to even touch what my life is going to look like. After.
  2. I am putting together a book of photographs and reminiscences for my grandson, to be opened after my own departure. It is joyous, sad, and time-consuming work.
  3. I am editing a collection of poetry for a friend.
  4. I am walking around with a low level of depression that, in addition to the situation in our world and the disorientation of quarantine and Zoom, makes me feel as if I am walking through molasses.
  5. Isaac Robertson is dying.

The Featured Image, of course, is not a selfie, but one of a lovely series of photos that a friend took.I am an inexperienced and unlearned taker of selfies and have only recently been able to say the word with a straight face. If I’d had a selfie stick and three or four hands I would have taken these photos.



Of those I did take, I am particularly pleased with this one with the birds overhead that I took for my grandson when I was in the hospital.

And there can surely be no question that me, alone in my own home, wearing the headpiece of my grandson’s Baa Baa Black Sheep Halloween costume, takes the gold.



I intend to combine writing and selfies and choose one or a combination of these selfies to use as a writing prompt.




    • Julie, it won’t let me do it from my laptop. When I try, I just succeed in subscribing myself. Try just going to my site and putting your email address in. Good luck. And thanks for the kind words.


  1. Thank you for your input! Oddly enough, I just pushed your follow button and it seems to have worked—BUT—for some reason, I do not receive emails regarding posts from people that I was following when my “follow” button was functional. Often, my “likes” don’t work either! I don’t have a desktop—just laptop. Ah well. Such is life in the techie lane, I guess. We just do the best we can with what we’ve got, right? 😁


  2. Right, and I haven’t had anything but a laptop in too many decades to even remember. I used a MacBook Air for years and, after a series of struggles, upgraded to a Pro. Macs are not perfect machines, but they’re easy to use and Apple’s tech support–24 hours/day/7 days on the phone–cannot be beat. Best secret bargain in town for me, $300 for three years. Let’s stay in touch with each other’s blogs. I love yours although, like you, I’m having trouble subscribing. Speaking of fine tech support, it might be time for a live chat with the WordPress folks.


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