Dinner Out–That Forgotten Pleasure

I’ve put this post in the “Art and Rock and Roll” category because I swear to goodness these photos look artistic to me. I can say that because, although it was my idea to take them, I had no phone with me and my friend, Randy, snapped a whole series.  It was difficult to choose which ones to post.

I have put it in the “Depression” category because I see my last post was on May 13, nine days during which I’ve been dragging.  But back to the art and the writing assignment.

I couldn’t stop staring at the patterns in the bowl in front of me. They were fascinating. To add to my interest, the contents of the bowl happened to be one of my favorite things to eat and, for me at least, one I never have except at very fine restaurants.  I could easily create this dish at home, but I never do.

Once I had the photos in hand, I started showing them to people and their guesses ranged from fried eggs with worchestershire sauce to spilled paint.

I thought I would have a bit of fun with my four-year-old grandson, so I printed them out and asked him to guess what they were.  He looked at me with a smile and a shrug and said, “Olive oil in a dish and somebody dipping bread.”

We moved on to other subjects.

Next writing prompt:

The caution on the advertisement was familiar, “Do not try this at home,” but there was something about this particular ad that I found terrifying.










  1. I remember the first time I had olive oil with balsamic vinegar with Crispy bread to dip. The restaurant was beautiful too.


  2. I don’t remember the first time at all, but the very sight of it makes me drool. It just seems so . . . I don’t even know. So absolutely unnecessary and yet, every time I eat it, I conclude the world would probably be a happier place if everyone would eat it. Do you think four year olds should know about it?


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