BUSTED: The Perils of Two Websites


I  try very hard to sort out problems before I contact WordPress support, but this week I finally reached such a level of frustration I was considering changing themes which, of course, carries its own challenges.

Does anyone else remember when “challenges” were just called pains-in-the-patoot?

I am happy to report that I threw caution to the winds and invested in a Premium account for my new website creatingyourimages.com, and I was able to get directly to a live chat (as opposed to the hopelessly moronic “virtual” chats available on other sites that will remain anonymous. Hewlett-Packard.)

I have written so many reviews praising WordPress and their help, that I feel reasonably sure even they are sick of them. I won’t repeat myself here, as that isn’t the point of this blog.

The point is this: In the process of helping me with the most recent evidence that I am technologically challenged (and a royal pain-in-the-arse), my support person revealed to me that the sidebar he had suggested as a solution to the problem can have AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF WIDGETS!!!!!

I am a woman out of control. So far, I have: An Image; A Map: a Gallery; and the widget that has inspired this blog.

My sidebar has a link to us right here, folks–dean speaks out

And here’s the rub.  Every day when I log in to admire my new site and tinker a bit more (almost certainly the source of many of my problems), I see the featured images and excerpts from my last three blog posts. I’ve been looking at the same three for what seems like a while.

Hence the current post. I’M HERE. I’M DEAN. I’M SPEAKING OUT 🙂


In my own defense, I am hard at work rewriting a manuscript and doing everything I can to complicate a beautifully simple theme on the new site.

If you have a chance, please check out creatingyourimages.com. It’s a small online business and, at the very least, I can guarantee you can’t find what I’m offering anywhere else.

That aside, now that I have caught up on my blog posts, I expect to make a cup of tea and spend the rest of my evening finding more widgets for my sidebar.



One comment

  1. Finding more widgets for my sidebar sounds like a new way to play a very old game or a 1940’s film noir movie starring Elmer Fudd!


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