Book Covers

I thought I would get this bit of flaunting over with.  Here are the covers of all my books.

The first is a professional job by a fine publisher in Virginia Beach, Virginia–Koehler Books.  The next two I designed as part of  publishing independently using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP is not a perfect system, nor is the product equal to the one turned out by Koehler Books, but I had a grand time doing the whole thing, the books look good, and I learned a tremendous amount about things like formatting and layout and how they get those bottom lines all the same.

The first piece of fiction I ever wrote was a novel called Memory Is The Seamstress, co-written with a friend, Alison Daniels. My first name is Patricia, hence “Patricia Allison.” We fought bitterly during the writing of that novel, nearly lost our friendship, but somehow managed to come through it with a pretty good novel, a stronger friendship, and both of us better writers.

After that, I wrote two novels solo, based on the real woman, Lydia Roper, who was the object of a great deal of frustrating research.  When I asked her great-granddaughter what she thought of the idea of my writing a novel about Lydia, her answer was, “Maybe imagining Lydia is the way you will find Lydia.”

She was right.  The “Jessie” of my two novels is a Lydia I can live with.

Finally is the novel closest to my heart, the one for which it now seems the others were preparation. It is a novel about my mother, her sisters and brother, and their mother.  It is the story of my family and myself. I have submitted it to no publishers, nor have I attempted to publish it myself. I have entered it in three literary competitions and, while I wait for a fall decision, I have already rewritten it extensively and so anticipate sending it off again next year.  It has had four or five different titles and the same number of covers, but it is I’m Not Going to Heaven. I’m Going to Birmingham. A Story of the South and, as far as I’m concerned, that cover is carved in stone.

You will have to read the book some day to discover what that title means.

LydiaCover  51nOOApcF1L     518dkVO7JPLfullsizeoutput_4113


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